Kop-Flex Maxxus Universal Joints



Universal driveshafts in general offer many advantages over gear spindles. Universal driveshafts reduce chatter, handle more misalignment, and extend your lubrication schedule. But Maxxus® universal joint is unique. Its block design allows the joints to carry more torque for a given swing diameter than competing yoke type universal joints. Maxxus universal joint gives you the most torque capacity for a given space. It is easier to assemble and maintain than competing products.

  • High misalignment, high torque capacity for a given diameter compared to other designs available in the market today.
  • Size range: 160 mm to 1200 mm diameter
  • Torque range: 144,000 lb-in (16.4kN-m) to 150 million lb-in (16,900 kN-m).
  • Easy to maintain, install and remove with fewest components.
  • Offered in partnership with Koyo, leading universal joint manufacturer in Japan.
  • All available from the leading technology company, with the broadest range of couplings, in the industry.
  • Most power-dense of the universal joints
  • Designed for high torque and high misalignment applications.
  • Less maintenance required when compared to the conventional mill spindle