Kop-Flex High Performance Disc Couplings



Kop-Flex® high performance or high speed disc couplings are available in four designs to accommodate all operating conditions and applications. In reduced moment with lowest overhung moment, RM provides interlocking (redundant) configuration. RZ allows lowest overhung moment at an economical price. Marine style – allows for installing and removing factory assembled center sections without removing the driving, or driven end, rigid hubs/adapters. MS offers the interlocking flanges, MP is the more economical option. The KS disc coupling is a sister to the Kop-Flex® high-performance disc coupling. It is designed to meet API 671. It provides a less expensive alternative for applications with intermediate speed range.

  • All couplings are custom designed to meet the specific requirement of the application and OEM – Engineered drive solutions
  • Meets API 671
  • Balanced to the most stringent standards and quality in the Industry
  • Various standard configurations and sizes available
  • High Speed, High Power Machines
  • Peak Torque capacity over 14.6 million lb-in (1647 kN-m)
  • Bore capacity exceeds 19 inches (480 mm)
  • Stainless Steel Koplon Coated Flexible Discs for Maximum Life
  • Unitized disc packs for ease of assembly and removal
  • Heat Treated Alloy Steel Hubs, Spacers, and Sleeves
  • RM (Reduced Moment) style has Lowest Moment Available on the Market
  • Proven experience with application/experience list unmatched by anyone.
  • Options: Electrically insulated, shear section, back up or fail safe gears, various materials, and many more.