Kop-Flex High Performance Diaphragm Couplings



Diaphragm couplings allow the transmission of torque. They can handle misalignment, based on the thickness distribution (or profile) of the diaphragm. Unlike competing designs, we use a single stainless steel diaphragm. This eliminates the need for extra bolts, rivets, splines and filler rings.

It also greatly simplifies the task of shaping the perfect diaphragm, since we need only one diaphragm per end. We use a modified profile based on extensive FEA. The thickness of the diaphragm varies so stress is distributed evenly when the diaphragm flexes. This happens under the simultaneous effects of torque, speed, axial misalignment and angular misalignment.

  • All couplings are custom designed to meet the specific requirement of the application and OEM – Engineered drive solutions
  • Meets API 671
  • Drop in replacement of Lucas (Bendix) diaphragm coupling – click above for details
  • Marine and Reduced Moment Designs
  • Field replaceable, stockable diaphragm – not available from anyone else
  • Specially contoured one piece design – easy to install, cost competitive and easy to customize
  • Patented one piece design – handles more misalignment and greater range of torsional stiffness
  • Torque capacity over 50 million In-Lb. (5650 kN-m)
  • Shaft diameter over 19 inches (480 mm)
  • Other features: piloted fits, 15-5 pH stainless steel and other material available, shot peened, inherently low windage.
  • Options: Electrically insulated, shear section, back up or fail safe gears, various materials, and many more.