Kop-Flex Flanged Universal Joints



Flanged universals are also commonly known as yoke style universal joints. These joints are a derivative of automotive universal joints introduced originally as off-road vehicle and agricultural devices. The industrial standard flanged universal joints were modified for industrial applications that we have adopted for various applications. Universal joints are designed for applications that require high misalignment under high torque. Our typical universal joints are designed for 15 degrees of misalignment. However, the selection is based on torque requirements and bearing life (B10 hours), as required per application.

  • Most major components are interchangeable with components commonly available in the market.
  • Industry standard flanges available to bolt up with any competitive yoke style flanges.
  • All splines are treated with special Polymide 6 coating for long life and reduce greasing.
  • Maintenance cost savings through elimination of greasing. The standard telescopic up to size 215 eliminates greasing of splines in the field.
  • For ease of lubrication and access: grease lube fittings on individual caps on sizes 215 and larger.
  • Most Major Components are Interchangeable with Competitors’
  • 4 Point Lubrication Available as Standard Feature
  • Repair and refurbishment services are available at locations throughout the USA and Canada.