Our Centurion HTE, HCA and HCW series motors are based on European design criteria and conforming to IEC standards. Available in outputs up to 13000kW, medium and high voltage 2300 to 11000 volt, 40Hz to 60Hz.

  • HTE Series: HTE are three phase squirrel cage TEFC (IC411), available in frame sizes 355 to 560.
  • HCA Series: HCA are three phase squirrel cage CACA (IC611), available in frame sizes 355 to 630.

Features and Benefits

  • TEFC up to 1500kW
  • CACA up to 4500kW
  • CACW up to 13000kW
  • 2 year warranty
  • Designs suitable for VVVF
  • Wound rotor also available
  • Engineered designs to meet customer specifications
  • European design
  • Cast iron and fabricated steel
  • Sizes 355 to 630
  • Low vibration

Standard Features

  • Three phase 2300-6600V, 40Hz to 60Hz power supply
  • Class F insulation with low temperature rise
  • IP55 degree of protection
  • Low vibration
  • Two sets of winding RTD’s in an auxiliary terminal box
  • Bearing RTD’s
  • Anti-condensation heaters
  • Porous drain plugs
  • Standard 2-pack epoxy coating system
  • Specific designs for arduous environments and mining specifications

Standards and Specifications

  • Both ranges are manufactured in accordance with IEC 60034 and IEC 60072.


  • General, heavy duty industrial markets such as bore mills, crushers etc.
  • Ideal for alloy gearboxes
  • Locked drive end bearing on all flange mounted motors from 90 to 160 frame is ideal for pump applications where minimal axial shaft movement is critical